Fullerton Funeral Home, Inc. of Baldwin, NY announces a new service called Life Tributes. Life Tributes are professional videos displaying a sequence of photos synchronized to music. It allows us to create a video that celebrates the life of a loved one. Life Tributes recalls happy memories and brings photos to life.

To create a Life Tribute, Fullerton Funeral Home, Inc. scans or receives digital photos from the family then synchronizes these digital pictures with music. Fullerton Funeral Home, Inc. has specialized computers and software that allows us to do this in-house. "Being able to create them ourselves is important to assure the tributes are ready in time for visitation." The final video can be played on any television and is uploaded to a special website for viewing on the Internet. By publishing the Life Tribute to the internet, relatives and friends can view the video online. It's extremely convenient and very popular.

Life Tributes are being used for more than funerals. Fullerton Funeral Home, Inc. creates tributes for anniversaries, family reunions, weddings, graduations, birthdays and retirements. According to Barbara Fullerton, "We're happy to create tributes for anyone in our community...it's a great way to celebrate all of life's events."

Life Tributes will be available to all families as part of their loved one's funeral services at no extra charge. Fullerton Funeral Home, Inc. provides a Monitor in all chapels so that video tributes can be viewed by all family and friends during visitation.

Requests for Life Tributes can be made by contacting Matthew J. Fritz at Fullerton Funeral Home, Inc., 516-223-1460.